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Betsy Koscher has been drawing and painting since she first drew a horse on television at the age of seven. She is an artist of many styles and approaches, using many media. She illustrates books, makes sculpture and paints portraits. She has studied under Ruth Sanderson, E. B. Lewis, Doug Gillette, Christina Mastrangelo, Gregory Manches, Paul Leveille, Lisa Cyr, and Rob Liberace.

Her work is in galleries, libraries, homes and businesses throughout the United States and Panama. She has enjoyed commissions for portraits of people, pets and homes. Her whimsical animal sculptures read books, poke out of sneakers, or ride on seahorses.

Her work has won several awards in Massachusetts and Florida. Her pictures have been accepted into a national figure show. One of her sculptures was featured in the Norman Rockwell Museum Garden. She enjoys sharing her talents with students of all ages and writing for several art magazines. 

Betsy Koscher